T2F Artists

A Live One - Phish Tribute

Austin, Tx
A Live One is Texas’ premier Phish tribute, formed in 2011 by guitarist Josh Pearson, bassist Andy Harn, keyboardist Zack Morgan and drummer Alan Eckert. Being huge fans and heavily influenced by Phish, the band found it very exciting recreating their music. With 200 shows under their belts, the band has toured heavily throughout the country and performed at several festivals including Phases of the Moon, Euphoria, Art Outside & Highberry. Digging into the chemistry of Phish’s music, A Live One rises to the challenge, striving to create a similar experience, on a much smaller scale. Josh Pearson - Guitar & Vocals Andy Harn - Bass & Vocals Zack Morgan - Keys & Vocals Alan Eckert - Drums & Vocals Grego Loboz - Bass & Vocals

Gravity Feed

Gravity Feed is made up of five lucky guys who just happened to stumble into each other at the right place and time in each others lives. Five guys that have developed a great work ethic, create some great music together and love playing in front of people. They know their way around some instruments fairly well and just plain have a good time doing it. If you havent seem them yet, you better find out where you can check them out live, cuz whatever it is that they do, they do it well.

Henry + The Invisibles

Austin, Tx
ONE MAN PHUNK BAND Henry + The Invisibles (Henry Roland) is an amazing onemanphunkband that loops and layers vocal harmonies, funk guitar, groovin\' bass, soulful keyboards and powerful percussion to create original high energy dance music that sounds like a solid 5 piece funk ensemble! YOU don’t want to miss H+TI’s explosive live show!

Heart Byrne (Talking Heads Tribute)

Austin, Tx
This band performs the music of Talking Heads. This band performs a live concert in the style of \'Stop Making Sense\' while adding song selections from each phase of Talking Heads history. This band consists of musicians that live in Austin, Texas. This band consists of great friends that share a great reverence for the work of Talking Heads and David Byrne in particular. Daniel Borrelli (k), Dustin Bozarth (k,v), Evan Bozarth (b,v), Emilie Clepper (v), Andy Harn (d,g,v), Chris Holland (b), Sham Jones (b,v), Meg Kemp (ts,v), Amy Lewis (v), Dan McGreevy (d,v), Charlie Narayan (g,v), Jon Olson (g), Josh Pearson (g), and Shadd Scott (d,v)

Cream Cheese Accident

Austin, TX
\"A super-group of talented individuals from the central Texas area, Cream Cheese Accident had the crowd dancing almost as if String Cheese were actually there, while at the same time adding their own flare to the songs. \" - Karli Jaenike (FestPop)

Forgotten Space - Grateful Dead Tribute

Dallas, TX
Forgotten Space's lead guitarist, Kenny Withrow, is best known as a founding and current member of "Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians". Kenny's style and impeccable taste lend themselves very well to the music of the Grateful Dead. In between touring and recording with Edie, Kenny also produces, records, and plays with Rod Russel Ides, Kenny Withrow and Friends, and several other national and regional acts. Kenny recently served as musical director for the Undermain Theatre's adaptation of Neil Young's "Greendale". Bassist/Vocalist Bob McConville worked the Northeast club circuit with the Electric Pheasants and Christine and the Razors before returning to his birthplace, Deep Ellum, to join Cross-Eyed Boogie, the Dead Beats, Woody Butts, Smokin' Volcanos, and Minglewood, as well as taking over the bass playing slot in Club Dada's weekly event, "The Dead Thing", in 1993. He also joined Kenny as a member of Rod Russell-Ides and Rainmaker. Forgotten Space has the rare luxury of two outstanding bass players. Noted Texas bass man Will Hodges slid over to the keyboards for this project and also handles a good share of the lead and harmony vocals. Will helped found, and played bass for, "Mellowship" and "Whitebread Picnic" prior to the birth of his second child. After a brief sabbatical, he has re-joined both of those bands as the keyboardist. Over the years, Will has shared the Bass duties with Bob in the Dead Thing, Lost Sailor, and Kenny Withrow and Friends, in addition to his many other musical endeavors. Staying true to the instrumentation of the Grateful Dead, the band employs two full time drummers, Jerry Saracini and Bryant "Pablo" Russell. Jerry has performed and/or recorded with the likes of Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead, Phil & Friends), several alumni of Steely Dan (Dean Parks, Chuck Rainey, Denny Dias, Elliott Randall, Bernard Purdie, Jim Keltner, Sherlie Matthews, Clydie King, and Lou Marini) and many other nationally recognized musicians and artists. Outside of Forgotten Space, Jerry also performs regularly with Naked Lunch (A Steely Dan Tribute), Hunter Hendrickson, and The Project. Bryant "Pablo" Russell is a classically trained guitar player, studying with Andre Segovia's protege and Dallas native Robert Guthrie. Although graduating with a bachelor's degree in classical guitar performance in 1993, Pablo devoted the majority of time (while still picking up classical gigs) to playing drums. Since moving to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in 1997, Pablo has been the starting drummer in original and tribute acts including Mellowship, The Allmost Brothers Band, the "Ticket Time-Wasters" (for the DFW sports-radio station 1310AM "The Ticket"), as well as doing regular substitute work for The Heat, The Masons, and Birdog among others. Rhythm Guitarist/Vocalist Scott Prosser rediscovered his love for playing Grateful Dead music after a 12 year hiatus. After joining Bob with "Cross-Eyed Boogey" in the early 90's, Scott was a founding member of the "Dead Beats". He also spent time with "W.A.L.S.T.I.B" and "The Dead Thing" before moving on to other interests (including the popular acoustic rock/blues band "Crossroads"). While never really out of the Texas Dead scene, his full time return was long overdue. Whether you are a fan of the Grateful Dead or not, you will appreciate and thoroughly enjoy this band.

Eminence Ensemble

Boulder, CO
Eminence Ensemble is a five piece Progressive Electronic Rock group based out of Boulder, Colorado. Since forming in 2008, they have been mesmerizing the Colorado music scene through their eloquent, inventive composition style and captivating, explosive performances. Elegantly fusing elements of Jazz, Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Reggae and Electronica, Eminence Eminence Ensemble's technical prowess is surpassed only by its robust blend of composition and improvisation. Eminence Ensemble's groundbreaking sound evolves with every show, sure to keep the audience moving and leave it craving more.

The Hilltop Crawlers

Based out of Dallas, TX but injected with CCRs cajun-swamp boogie, The Bands "Americana," The Grateful Deads fluent and spontaneous jams and The Rolling Stones rock n roll sound-scape is THE HILLTOP CRAWLERS. Original music with a few deep cut covers, The Hilltop Crawlers are old school "drinking music." Catchy hooks and elaborate arrangements, no two setlists are the same. Dont let the old school rock n roll title scare you, there is an original country/rock sound in there as well. The Hilltop Crawlers not only bring a rocking crowd but also a professional performance which you would expect from a much higher ticket price. Rock n roll lives in the great state of Texas.

Schroomville (Allman Brothers Band Tribute)

Fort Worth, Tx
This is the official home of Schroomville - A Tribute To The Allman Brothers Band based in Dallas-Ft Worth (DFW) Texas. Schroomville - A Tribute to The Allman Brothers Band was formed to play the tunes of this great band and create a concert experience based on one of our favorite bands. From the early days with Gregg Allman on Hammond B3, Duane Allman and Dickey Betts on guitars, through the mid ‘70s after Duane and Bassist Barry Oakley died. Adding Chuck Leavell on piano, and continuing to todays’ lineup with Warren Haynes and drummer Butch Trucks\' nephew Derek Trucks on guitars. Schroomville represents all of the Allman Brothers music. Twin lead guitars, Hammond B3 organ, soulful vocals, and bass and drums pumping the groove is what Schroomville is all about as we do our level best to recreate the sound and experience of the Allman Brothers Band. --- Harry Kelley - Drums Danny \"Cisco Kid\" Cortez - Percussion Gavin Perry - Bass and Vocals Randy Hudson -Guitar and Vocals Gary Kelly - Keyboards David Opalecky - Guitar and Vocals

Diamond Kings

Arlington TX
Saxo-Drums Band Members: Julian \"King\" Ayacannoo Marquise \"Koolaid\" Jones Craig Kleiman Hometown Arlington Tx Short Description You\'ll hear us before you see us.


Norman, OK
After six years of being together, Oklahoma jamtronica band MONTU has played shows everywhere from New York to California, capturing audiences with their high energy performances and their own unique brand of sound blending influences of instrumental rock, electronica, prog, hip hop and trance. In their last few years together, they have found themselves in the pages of Relix Magazine, played at several national festivals (Wakarusa Music Festival, Yonder Harvest Festival, etc.) and have opened for such big name acts as Umphrey\\\'s McGee, Girl Talk, Keller Williams, The Disco Biscuits, Lotus, EOTO and more. 2014 promises to be a big year for MONTU including a new EP release with a heavy tour schedule so check them out when they are in your area for a high-energy performance and dance party that won’t leave you standing still.

LadyBee & the Soul Winders

Dallas, Tx
Soul / Funk / Jazz / Blues

Chris Roze

Dallas, Tx
Chris Roze is a consistent face among forward but floor-friendly club music DJs. As a member of Trillwave, he\'s been a part of the many parties that crew has thrown at Beauty Bar over the past year. The Trillwave crew has bowed out of the always challenging world of DJ weeklies in favor of focusing on individual events and parties. Roze has kept busy holding down his own residencies around town and expanding his reach by stepping into the production world. For this week\'s mixtape, Roze delivers a varied an often unpredictable mix of bass-heavy, four-on-the-floor club business.

Panic Stricken (Widespread Panic Tribute)

Austin, Tx
PANIC STRICKEN is a band of Space Wranglers \'riding on to Wrangler School with a slingshot and a saddlebag of hand me down tools...\' Richard Gober: GUITARS, VOX / Keith Sennikoff: LEAD GUITARS / Kenny Valentine: BASS / Michael Bahan: DRUMS / John Voss: PERCUSSION

Mom\'s Kitchen (Widespread Panic Tribute)

St. Louis MO
Mom\'s Kitchen is the nation’s premier Widespread Panic tribute band. Formed in the winter of 2010 in St. Louis, MO the band built up their reputation early and often. Keeping true to Widespread Panic as much as possible they try to portray each song the way it was intended all the while exploring the vast amounts of space inside each melody to put their own mark on that signature sound. Night after night their set lists are never the same; it is truly an experience that can\'t be explained. J.R. Collins(Guitar/Vocals) Kyle Collins(Guitar/Vocals) Phillip Manaois(Keys) Tim McLaughlin(Percussion/Vocals) Chuck Seager(Bass Guitar) Brian Turpin(Drums)

Dimitris Ascent

Hailing from Austin TX, Dimitris Ascent brings forth a celestial explosion of pure expressive art. A complitive free improvisational form that incorporates elctronic elements of both live and produced spectral sound scapes. Performing many different styles of instrumental music ranging from Jazz, blue grass, rock, funk, electronica, disco, dub step and everything between, they play to the crowed and always please. Over the past 5 years they have been at the top of the Austin jamband music scene. It is music that captures, moves and transcends ones mind, body, and soul. Playing with great names such as Karl Denson, EOTO, Partical, Papa Mali, New Monsoon, Psymbionic, Nadis Warriors, Interstellar Transmissions and many, many more......


Dallas, Tx
Your Friendly Neighborhood Reggae Band! Reggae/Rock/Ska John Rebone - Guitar / vox Tommy Pyland - Lead Guitar David Willingham - Drums/Vox Hank Fore - Bass

Woolly Jammeth

Dallas, Tx
Face Melting Funk, Rockin\' Jazz with Metal & Psychedelic Blues - Surf Fusion


Austin, Tx
Rock Graveltooth is an Austin-based band that consists of five rowdy and wild ingenious musicians including Curtis Pierce (vocals and lead guitarist), Cameron Cummings (vocals and guitar), Evan Bozarth (bass), Michael Degalia (drums), and Dustin Bozarth (keyboards).

New Car Caviar

Austin, TX
A Jamgrass Tribute to Pink Floyd formed in late 2013 by Michael and Amy Boyd in Austin, TX. The group, consisting of Michael on lead guitar and Amy on lead vocals, Randal Robledo on mandolin, Matthew Meldrum on upright bass, Josh Terry on violin, and Enzo Loechel on drums, played a dozen shows in the central Texas area, including Jeff Foxworthy's Redfest and the Yonder String Mtn Band aftershow with Bobby Bones. In July of 2014, Michael and Amy moved from Austin to Charlotte, NC, and with that move, the band is expanding into the East Coast! The Texas lineup is still going strong, with Fall 2014 shows booked in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, but a new lineup is forming on the East Coast. Current members include Michael and Amy on lead guitar and vocals, as well as George Beardsworth on upright bass, Andrew Stocker on banjo, and John Czerwinski on drums. The search is on for the right East Coast fiddle player, and shows are being booked for late Fall now


Creating music that moves a person's soul is the goal of any artist. Jumbii channels that inner tribal rhythm that we all respond to on the dance floor and in the headphones. Its this sound that cannot be defined by one genre, but rather a mixture of many that work together to make that soul movement. Enough words time to turn up the volume.


Reggae/Rock/Latin/Hip-Hop/Funk/Good Music. Ear pleasing jams that make folks dance and have good times. Supporters of the Dallas Community (and cool people in general). DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for babies created to our music...(just saying) A groove-oriented explosion of Funk, Latin, and Reggae-fied cultural diversity. (oooooh get ready for our sweetness!)

Moving Matter

Austin, TX
Since relocating to the musical mecca of Austin from Ft. Collins, CO in 2003, Moving Matter has steadily progressed, continuing to hone its high-energy sound, and frequently garnering praise and comparisons to such acts as Sound Tribe Sector 9, Phish, and Particle. Bassist Chris Holland (deep pocket grooves) and guitarist Josh Pearson (soaring leads) share most of the song-writing duties, while drummer Dan Mcgreevy captains the ship with his rock-steady beats. Bozarth on keys has rounded out the sound with lush synth textures and screaming hammond organ.

DJ Mikey Rodge

Dallas, TX
Mikey Rodge wants you to dance your face off. Perhaps more accurately, he wants to lay down the throbbing bass lines, tantric melodies and intoxicating beats that will inspire you to do that very thing. In 2009, Mikey started his DJ career as well as an electronic music blog (aptly named Dance Your Face Off) to procure this musical mission. His commitment to his craft has earned him slots on the bills of several nationally renowned festivals like Wakarusa, Lights All Night, and the Euphoria Music Festival. Mikey is in good company, having shared the stage with artists such as Cashmere Cat, G Jones, Kastle, Minnesota, RJD2, SuperVision, Wick-it The Instigator, and XXYYXX, to name a few. No matter what style of music he plays, you will definitely want to have your dancing shoes laced up and ready to go. http://www.soundcloud.com/mikeyrodge1

Star Party

STARPARTY is live dance music from another galaxy.

David Willingham Project

Founder of Aton in 2003, Willingham is an accomplished musician, composer and producer. Growing up in the Dallas area he began playing the trumpet as a Senior in High school. Currently heading up The David Willingham Project and managing Third EyeLand Productions, Willingham has played with numerous artists and bands; Yerba from 1998 to 2001,Page 43 with Jason Davis from 2001 to 2003, Erykah Badus "Jam Session" featuring Common and Talib Kweli, for the Dallas Can Benefit Concert Bronco Bowl 2001, "Stan Kazz" funk and jazz band, 4th trumpet chair in the Dallas Jazz Orchestra 2002-03, Future Soul Sound Clash 2003-present, Cas Haley, Wood Belly and Played in the horn section live at Granada Theater Dallas with Emily King and Dwele. In the recording studio, Willingham has worked with Spoon Fed Tribes in the release of We Are Part Of The Problem, 2003; additionally, in January, 2008, Willingham and his Third EyeLand Production Company released Atons debut CD, Reunify. The CD, mastered at Tuff Gong studios, includes 10 tracks of reggae/jazz influenced music. June 2009-David recorded a duet with legendary reggae singer, Luciano and is Releasing Mama His latest Ep with an allstar packed Musician roster of reggaes and soul Master Musicians and innovators... an innovator himself, David reunites Benard Wright with Sly Dumbar fron the Album Silent Assassins and Chinna Smith with Hoursemouth wallace of the Abyssinians and Rockers Fame to create his Dream Studio One recording Session. released in November 2010, Mama, the title track of Willinghams First Solo release, Was covered By Cas Haley on the 2010 California Tour with The EasyStar AllStars and was well Received..in 2011 David continues to tour with several musical acts such as Cas Haley at Hangout Fest and Electric Forest and with 3 Bands, Spoonfed Tribe, Ugly Lion and Holding space at Wakarusa. In 2012 David has been Blessed with opportunity to put his creative energy into an allstar group of musicians for the David Willingham Project or DWP. This Project consist of Members of Cas Haleys Woodbelly, Aton, Fatty Lumpkin and Spoonfed Tribe As well as many roving special guest. David is currently working on several Recording projects due to release in late summer, early fall of 2012 . David is constantly Collaborating and Playing with many local musicians and producers to bring the Inna Da Yard vibe of , On the fly, one take, creative experience David Witnessed during his stay in Kingston Jamaica at Chinnas Inna da Yard Studios


Groovement is a 6-piece high-energy funk rock band that embodies the soul of Northwest Arkansas – fun, unpredictable, and full of life. Groovement sounds like Incubus and Robert Randolph ate some Red Hot Chili Peppers. They have big harmonies, tasteful solos, and funky songs you can dance to. Featuring 2011 American Idol Hollywood contestant Alex Carr on vocals, the band is rounded out by Adam Becker (keyboards/organ/synth); Trey Burkett (guitar, vocals); Bryan Burkhart (drums, vocals); Jacob Johnson (sax, guitar, vocals); and Carlton Rinehart (bass, vocals). Groovement has a reputation for putting on one of the most high-energy live performances around. They’ve been steadily building a following in the Northwest Arkansas/Northeast Oklahoma area and have been featured at some of the region’s premier festivals: Yonder Mountain\\\'s Harvest Fest, Wakarusa, Tulsa’s Mayfest, and the Backwoods Bash. Groovement’s debut album, Positive Step, was released on August 6, 2011. They are currently in the studio planning a spring tour in support of Positive Step, booking festivals, and writing material for the second album

Eric McFadden

Los Angeles
Born in New York, raised in New Mexico, moved to San Francisco in 1994. Touring musician, guitarist/singer-songwriter, played or play with TEN, George Clinton & P-Funk, Eric Burdon & The Animals, EMT, Stockholm Syndrome, Faraway Brothers, Alien Lovestock, Liar, IZM. Have also done stuff with Les Claypool, Joe Strummer, Reverend Horton Heat, Jackson Browne, Bernie Worrell, Nels Cline, Keb Mo, Govt Mule, Mike Watt, The Coup etc.


Boulder, CO
SunSquabi is a 3-piece Electronic Hydro-funk experience, created by guitarist/producer Kevin Donohue, bassist Andrew Clymer and drummer Chris Anderson. They have played all over Colorado and the United States, from Red Rocks Amphitheatre to frequenting festivals such as Sonic Bloom, Wakarusa, Euphoria, Summer Camp and Snowball Music Festival. They are a high-energy group and always deliver great live shows, blending several genres of music into a dance-worthy and progressive set.

Paul Whites Consortium - Rock & Roll Tribute

The Consortium, all Dallas scene veterans, is a 4-piece group of stunning virtuosity coming together for the simple joy of making music and entertaining the masses. Covering the past 60 years of music, and with an unparalleled live chemistry, they have the ability to get the people moving and drinks flowing at any venue or event.

Spoonfed Tribe

Dallas, TX
The story starts, properly, four years ago in the summer of 1899..... A multi-dimensional movement of artists, gathered together and created a controversial mass human experiment, innocently interwoven within unique audio/visual experiences. The movement, later to become known as "Spoonfed Tribe" , coined this experiment, The Mood Manipulation - Behavior Modification Program. Conducting a series of unfair hearing tests on willing participants from street corners, theatres, and festivals all across the country, the movement had successfully completed four independent audio programs by 2005.

57 Sauce

Arlington, TX
Started while Spoonfed Tribe was off of touring - Jerome and Troy took advantage of the time off by Playing Local Clubs and joining other Tribe Alumni. The band plays all kinds of Venues and Genres - From Dinner Duos to Rock n Roll Headliner - 57 Sauce has got what it takes to Cover the Evening

Shawn Nelson

Texas singer-songwriter Shawn Nelson takes the music he creates beyond its honky-tonk core to offer songs you can dance to that also prompt the listener to think and feel. It’s the natural result of being inspired by as well as meeting and spending time with such Lone Star State songwriting legends as Robert Earl Keen and Guy Clark as well as elements from his life, unique background and musical journey.

The Vince Lujan Project

Denton, TX
The Vince Lujan Project (pronounced - 'LU-hahn'), an original band from North Texas, is putting a new spin on the ever- evolving, all-encompassing Texas sound by infusing blends of Acoustic, Pop, Funk, Latin, and Soul. It's feel-good music with catchy hooks and accessible lyrics. The diverse members each lend a unique style that effortlessly blends into a powerful groove, topped off with dynamic and smooth rock/R & B vocals. Come to a live show and you'll hear nods to (and occasional covers from) the Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Carlos Santana, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, and Bill Withers.

The Scott McCurry Band

Dallas, Texas
When trying to sift through the many genres that make up the Music Biosphere, if not careful, one can easily be swallowed by the droves of bands trying to pass off there their harmony-laden, verse-chorus-verse songs, for true "Rock and Roll". Luckily for the skeptics seeking more than just run-of-the-mill power pop, The Scott McCurry Band has arrived. Perhaps it is unfair to use the phrase "Just Arrived", considering the Scott McCurry Band is putting the final touches on their third, full length LP, and have been bringing their raucous, energy-filled live performances to beer-swilling audiences across the country, for the past six years. Scott has already played over 500 venues across the states from underground clubs in Dallas to the celebrity-studded Sundance Film Festival in Utah where Scott had a song in the movie “Walking with Freedom” and performed at Sundance. The track's "All Over The Road" & "Saturday" were also featured in the HBO movie "Appalachian Trail". Not to mention, America’s Best Independent Artists, an organization that promotes promising artists’ CDs, selected Scott as one of the best Artists in 2005.The Scott McCurry Band, isn't so much a band, but a collective of extremely talented, genre-bending musicians, lead by their fearless leader, Scott McCurry. The ‘Koozies’ was Scott’s first band experience and he quickly proved to new audiences that he could not only write smart, quirky lyrics and catchy tunes, but also perform on-stage. The band’s first release, “seeing through bleu ink”, helped jettison Scott firmly into the college rock scene. Scott's second album "Like the Sun", is just that; sunny and upbeat, filled with songs you’re happy to let bounce around in your head all day. Songs like “Oh no” with the addicting guitar and harmonica melody echo sounds of Bob Dylan, while other tracks like “Dr. Doctor” pump out a fusion of method that can rival even today's most progressive artists. In terms of musical evolution, the path this band has embarked would garner approval from musical purists as well as Mr. Darwin himself. All this evident by the presence of legendary, and veteran music producer, Elliot Mazer. After 30 years of having worked with the likes of Neil Young, Pete Townshend, and Janis Joplin, Mazer has decided to put his golden, or more appropriately, platinum touch, to the band's latest studio effort. While according to Mazer, the phrase "Birdies Don't Bark" is an arguable statement, there is absolutely no argument when it comes to the quality of "Birdies Don't Bark" as an album. While at times, one can get lost in trance-inducing melodies, reminiscent of bands such as The Animals, or say the Troggs, at the drop of hat can be transformed into the beautiful alternative instrumentation that makes bands such as Wilco and Sonic Youth so electrifying and important.

Erin & The Project

Featuring the dyadic cyclone that is Erin Ezekiel (vocals/keys), and Paul Ezekiel (drums/percussion), Erin & The Project creates a hypnotic soul-ternative sound, fulfilling a genre all its own, with their sound being described as refreshing, inspiring, and soulful by listeners worldwide. They compile lyrics that peer into positive consciousness, while integrating soulful vocals, melodic piano, and strong rhythms throughout. After great success with the release of their debut, self-titled album, they caught the attention of Grammy award winning engineer/mixer, Oz Fritz, who produced their most recent album release, "Birthday". Over the past two years, this couple has performed around the US at a multitude of clubs, restaurants, cafes, wineries, and private events with great success and consistent growth in exposure as well as their own music and performance development. Erin spent 3 years studying North Indian classical vocals with the great Maestro Ali Akbar Khan. She has also performed with Mickey Thomas of Jefferson Starship, and won best new pop/rock artist for USA4real.coms best pop/rock new artist in 2009 before placing in the top 5 in the January 2010 SingerUniverse competition. Be sure to catch them next time they are in your town!

The Moai Broadcast

Tulsa, OK
The Moai Broadcast formed in the fall of 2008 by drummer/producer Nick Bernson and keyboardist Jordan Holt with the idea of achieving the highest level of expression through its most simplistic forms. Holt’s previous band, Tech Tonic, served as a catalyst to form a band with friend Bernson, who has worked with a wide range of artists through his recording studio, The Cheese Factory. Though working together on projects in the past, the season had only arrived in which Bernson and Holt would realize a shared vision and harvest the full creative energy of what would become The Moai Broadcast. After a brief quest to find others with a similar musical vision, guitarist Cody Brewer brought to the group a unique tapestry of ambient, soulful guitar work which evokes a sense of timelessness, beckoning the listener to speculate if it is something from the year 1969, 2009 or beyond. Bassist Nick Abbott brings a cohesiveness and drive to the band with his precision on the low end, channeling a funky flair coming straight from the Mothership. Final member, Josh Coffman joined the group May of 2009 and brings more than just one dynamic to the band. Coffman’s sax will tingle your insides, caress your soul, and cause unintended movement of your feet. But that’s not all, Coffman’s vocals will wrap you up in a delicate cocoon and metamorph your thoughts into complete tranquility. The sounds of The Moai Broadcast are conceived through the union of organic and synthetic instrumentation and the complete abandonment of any preconceptions of what musical expression is to be.

Paul Renna

Dallas, Texas
Paul Renna is a visionary singer-songwriter with the extraordinary ability to raise hidden emotions in his listeners, surreptitiously forcing feelings of love, longing, happiness, and heartache from the depths of even the most hard-edged among us. With the release of his highly anticipated new album,Brothers and Sisters, available on iTunes, Renna seems to have broken through to a new plane of existence, exploring the deepest recesses of his heart and soul both lyrically and musically.

Graham Wilkinson

Graham Edward Wilkinson was born in 1980 in the small East Texas town of Denison to a Methodist minister father and a speech pathologist mother. He spent his early years moving from one small town to the next and picked up the guitar at age 16, in an effort to mend his first broken heart. Graham finished high school in Wichita Falls, TX and attended Hendrix College, in pursuit of a fine arts and music degree. He decided to take a needed break before graduation and traveled to the Greek islands of Mykonos and Paros located in the Agean Sea where he worked at a diesel jet-engine power plant, mingled among the locals and played his music in the streets. After gaining the life experiences desired, he completed his degree in 2002. He then set out upon another quest and traveled half way around the world to the Micronesian island of Pohnpel, where he volunteered as an English teacher in the local Jesuit school. While overseas, his older brother and best friend Aaron Robert Wilkinson passed away in New York City. By far, his brother’s death was the most difficult thing his family and he have faced. His brothers influence is easily identified in many of Graham’ songs . You see, Aaron was singing and writing in lower east side coffee shops, on the cusp of the Anti-folk scene. Hanging out with the soon to be recognized Regina Spektor, Kimya Dawson, Adam Green from the Moldy Peaches and the guys from The Strokes.

Groove 8

Groove 8 is a US based jazz/funk collective. The band has recorded four albums with the most recent being CURIOUS POSES.


Austin, TX
Jabarvy features a lead-singing, songwriting drummer, a multiple-award-winning all-female horn section, two diverse lead guitarists, and a most distinctive bass player. All members write music, sing, improvise solos, play various other instruments, and assume the role of front man/woman on any given night. With a penchant for making each show sui generis, Jabarvy explores a wide array of original pieces composed of light-hearted but thoughtful lyrics sung over elaborate chord progressions. A surprising evolution of pop music, spanning multiple genres and boundaries.

James and the Devil

James & the Devil spins off Rock n Roll sounds with MountainGrass, funk, hip hop, and rhythmic dance chemistry that always gets the house movin! A sort of New Age broad spectrum Rock n Roll Review that can be summed up as GenreBending RockHop!! James and The Devil tours the Rocky Mountains from north to south with a base in Denver, and is setting up a nationwide tour beginning this summer that will take them throughout the US. They play as much as they can, they get involved with the local scene, and actively promote with a good cause. J & The D plays for every demographic, old and young, and is made up of dreamers, drinkers, thinkers, and smokers, and is seen happiest playing music while uniting people. J and The D released their newest album Altitude Sickness in May of 2011, and will be continuously playing and touring for this album around the country over the next year. Dont miss the CO Rocky Mountain Rebel Rock sensation and that will have you wishing you brought an extra pair of socks!! James and The Devil is... Jim Campbell - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals Dave Ross - Fiddle, Vocals Adam Carpenter - Bass, Vocals Matt Stoner - Drums Buz Crutchfield - Aux. Percussion, Electric Guitar, Vocals

Brother Bagman

Kansas City
Brother Bagman is a Quartet From Kansas City, MO that has been bringing all there influences together and creating a style of there own. With roots in soul music, Blues, Rock, and world music, this Power Trio brings their high energy performances to new levels every show.

Frogs Gone Fishin'

Denver, CO
At a Frogs Gone Fishin' show, fans are treated to heavy-hitting rock with the Frog's signature improvisational twist. In an age of auto-tuned vocals and laptop superstars, it's great to find a band who relies on harmonies, strong melody, and dynamic rhythms to keep their fans coming back. On any given night, the Frogs cut across genres and material from their two albums and never, ever, play the same set-list twice. This diversity in song choice and explosive improvisational energy has earned the band enthusiastic and devoted fans from places as far apart as Denver and New Orleans, Chicago and Austin, New York and San Francisco. In 2009, Frogs Gone Fishin' signed with Colorado-based Mountain Size Records and went into the studio to record Actual Natural, produced and engineered by Brad Smalling. Tracking was completed at Evergroove Studio, a solar-powered studio in the mountains near Evergreen, CO. The album was mastered by Grammy Award-winning producer David Glasser and in 2010, "Actual Natural" was released for the world's listening pleasure. Frogs have been playing festivals and writing new music this summer and are excited to tour during the fall and winter months. Playing over 160 shows every year, the Frogs are coming to a town near you soon. A crowd of FGF fans is as diverse as the set list, where hippies and hipsters, heads and first-timers groove together in one sweaty dance party.

Holding Space

San Marcos
Holding Space is a psychedelic jam-band incorporating numerous genres of music, forged from the desire to create music that is spontaneous and free flowing. The music travels from cosmic spacey jams to high energy epic breakthroughs provoking intense musically healing experiences. Since forming in late November of 2009 Holding Space has evolved from playing their first show on the beach with a PVC stage with painters plastic wrapped around it and wooden pallets to stand on, to being selected for the Wakarusa Music Festival in 2011. People generally have a hard time describing a Holding Space experience due to the boundary pushing genre defying style of the music. Their ability to create intense psychedelic spaces, that are establishing new musical platforms, is being compared to the likes of Pink Floyd's transformation of the music scene in the 70's. The music ranges from hard tribal rhythms to chill airy spaces to bassy trance dance rhythms to completely OFF THE WALL haywire psychedelia. Holding Space is known for filling as much possible space with sound, and each member together strives to overload your senses each show. Holding Space is touring extensively this summer throughout OK, KS, MO, IA,IL,TN,AZ,ID,OR,CA,CO. This summer will be one for the record books for Holding Space as they embark on their first out of state tour. With their powerful and innovative style their sound is sure to capture the nation, and continue to evolve with the conscious intentions that are put into the music on the daily.


Dallas, TX
Spivey is comprised of two friends who met up after years of living across Texas from each other and decided to start making original music with influences ranging from all over. Dirt roads, electric exxxctacy, lonely cowboy songs, psychedelic rock, Buck Rogers space folk and big fat beats are a few of the ingredients that make up their sound.

Greg Reichel

Somewhere, someone has heard the given lyrics that strike emotional feeling, distraught, forgiven humor and jealousy that are wrapped up in egotistical conversation that Greg Reichel has distinguished into songs or lyrical meaning. That is what you will gather from this walking, talking, judgmental, happy, pleasing, true real Americana songwriter. Greg Reichel who has made his way from Oklahoma taking every back road, byway and GPS given highway to get to where he is at today, he is meant to come upon you strong not only with his songs, but with his capabilities of taking the crowd, sitting them in the palm of his hand and flipping them upside down with the intent that they know his name in the morning. The stage presence from Reichel engages in story telling of his past and previous happenings, sing-along’s, crowd participation encouraging their hands and feet to be used as percussion instruments and the whitty humor that keeps these intrigued listeners coming back for more. With live performances stacking up between the Midwest, it’s time for Reichel to see more action and determination than what he initially set out for. In the past sixteen years of Reichel’s life, he has been graced with more musical attention not only from his Father who has been active in the movement of music, but from local musicians and followed heroes. For the past seven of the sixteen years, he has had opportunity to write amongst, perform with or just open for some talented, heavy traveled and well known artists. All in all, I guess you can say, Greg’s understanding of music is beyond average. Greg Reichel and his current residence are based outside of Dallas, TX, with soul covering many more miles than can be mentioned. Reichel released his debut album in June 2007 with some knowledgeable, meaningful and driven original songs which has gained him radio play in some of the largest markets throughout Texas and Oklahoma. With the help of the recordings produced by the talented locally and nationally known musician Travis Linville at his studio, deep in the back woods outside of Norman, Oklahoma which they call Dirty Bird Studios, and along with the mindful and generously placed instruments, the record came out as a success. Joining Reichel on his debut album, you will find Jeremy Watkins (Stoney Larue and the Arsenals) on Fiddle, Eric Hansen (Mike McClure Band) on Drums and Travis Linville on Slide Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar and Mandolin. With the final production on the EP being pronounced as a completed process, the album was mastered by Joe Hardy in Houston, TX. The love, passion, bitterness, truthful, happy, foregoing, understanding of meaning hidden behind each song that Reichel has put a hand to, you will walk away with curiosity of what’s next from this arisen singer/songwriter. Some recent press regarding Greg Reichel and talk about his profound talent. Dallas Observer “Raised in Oklahoma and now a resident of Dallas, Greg Reichel is the best kind of alt-country songwriter, on who enjoys both, the old-school, rural soul of Townes Van Zandt and the snotty genius of Ryan Adams.” –Darryl Smyers , Dallas Observer KHYI 95.3 “The Range” “Greg Reichel is one of my favorite Texas Songwriter’s with great talent, songs, substance and heart.”- Brett Dillon, the Brett Dillon Experience, 95.3 the Range


Austin, TX
Topaz McGarrigle recently returned home to Austin TX to form his new band Mudphonic. "…as gritty as the Texas landscape and funky as an Eastside BBQ joint. Mudphonic blends bottleneck blues guitar with fat saxophone riffs, scrappy vocals with distorted harmonica and lays it all on top of rock solid dance grooves." Born and raised in the Texas hill country, Topaz got his start as a young child playing saxophone on the streets of downtown Austin. The Texas blues and soul that he soaked up as a child remain a constant in his playing. His love of music solidified as a high school sophomore in London during the height of the acid-jazz scene. Topaz then moved to Washington D.C. where he attended The Duke Ellington School of the Arts for jazz, where he studied with numorous jazz legends, started his first band and began his recording career with Eric Hilton of Theivery Corporation. Topaz then moved to New York City where his musical identity began to take shape in the muscular twists and turns of his phrasing, cool, soulful feeling and grooving rhythmic energy. His band started evolving organically at weekly gigs in the hip downtown haunts of Manhattan. From the beginning, fans packed the clubs dancing and grooving to the fresh sounds. It was in New York that Topaz signed his first record deal and began touring nationally. Since then he has released two records with international distribution, composed award winning movie soundtracks, performed on BET and toured extensively across the United States. He has performed with the likes of Norah Jones, The Wailers, Widespread Panic and Robert Randolph. He has played all the major festivals such as Bonaroo, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Austin City Limits Festival. Topaz has now returned to his hometown of Austin, residing on the banks of the Colorado river where he is delving into his hill country roots by bringing some blues singing and harmonica playing into the mix of high energy dance grooves. "superlative improvisational chops and one sly groove after another." - Austin Chronicle “....powerful, punchy funk with swampy overtones. Good stuff for dancing. Drinking bourbon. Eating barbecue. And dancing some more." - Telluride Daily Planet

Sol Tribe

San Antonio
Based in San Antonio, Sol Tribe creates a fusion of Reggae and World music blending a heavy drum and bass driven sound with melodic keyboards, conga, and guitar infused with rich vocal textures. The experienced musicians of Sol Tribe draw on spiritual and musical themes from the Caribbean, South America and other continents to give their songs a steady and percussive feel, while the lyrics of lead vocalist Anthony Berdecio lend an urban, street-smart element. In the syncopated rhythms of its first CD, “Rising Sun,” the music of Sol Tribe has a message for the heart and head. Recorded in Trinidad and Tobago, where group founder Ras I Jinga inspired band members to immerse themselves in the regional culture of the people and their music, the 12 tracks speak to how we love and how we live. “Theres a unified quality among human beings,” Berdecio says. “Theres really a small difference in the way we live our lives. We have dreams and hopes, we suffer and celebrate. Its very much the same everywhere around the world. Its a matter of finding those things between us.”

Ducado Vega

The Duo’s History Ducado VeGA a Louisiana native, is a multi-talented musician, songwriter, producer, artist, multi-instrumentalist (plays 13 instruments), engineer, actor, author and motivational speaker. Ducado has been in the music business for over 2 decades, has years of experience in recording and performing and a vast knowledge of the music biz. Ducado started out as a sax player in his first band and moved from there to keys and vocals. After years of performing in bands in his hometown, he opted to go it alone, moved to Michigan and eventually Dallas where he became quickly established. He has many recording projects to his credits including 1 solo album and 4 solo EPs. VeGA has produced a multitude of artists (regionally and nationally) and there is no letting up. He has co-authored a music marketing book called "Xtreme Music Marketing". And just like his books title, Ducado VeGA is Xtreme. His music is hard hitting and funky. The sound was crafted through combing several different musical styles including funk, rock, hip-hop, soul, latin and dance. Ducado constantly pushes the creative limits by diving head first into new innovate projects. Having written and produced music in over 15 genres, Ducado has the reputation of never sleeping. Ducado has an innate ability to combine the old with the new and never lose a step. New Project include a New Ducado VeGA and Zenya V EPs, and Artist Tu Deip. Ducado also has completed a new book which is scheduled for 2012 release. Ducado is owner of C.O.A. Entertainment and C.O.A. Empire Records. Zenya V. was born in Texas and is an all out Rocker. She contributes edgy keyboards, razor edge guitar and haunting vocals to the Ducado VeGA and Zenya V. sound. As a youth she moved frequently around Texas and California and started singing, composing, and songwriting at a very young age. Heavily influenced by her father, (a drummer), she brings a unique fire to the duo. She credits her father as her inspiration to play drums and her grandmother was instrumental in her learning to play piano. Z has been singing since age 4, playing drums since she was 8, piano since age 9, and playing guitar since she was 13. All instruments were self taught. Most of her musical life had been spent as a solo artist prior to joining Ducado. In 2010 Zenya caught a brief glimpse of a Ducados band and soon after became a fulltime member. An instantaneous friendship and creative bond happened. Zenya describes their creative and personal relationship as spiritually artistic and intense. Zenya had her own band Arkyya for a time, and has written a plethora of songs throughout her career. She has a long awaited EP on the horizon and continues to write new material. Z has stated that she wished to enrich the lives of others through music and song. Known for being a woman of few words Zenya is a dynamic and intense performer. Ducado often refers to her as the quiet genius.

The Roomsounds

Bio: The Roomsounds are a Dallas, Texas based American rock & roll band. Their rootsy, back-to-basics approach evokes an era of 60s and 70s rock royalty. The band puts their freewheeling, youthful spin on timeless rock paved way by their tuneful forefathers like Tom Petty, The Beatles and The Stones. But its no accident that these twenty-somethings are wise beyond their years. Prior to moving to Dallas, three of four members played together in a New England based band, had recording contracts, and toured the U.S. several times over. Singer/songwriter Ryan Michael says of the move from the Northeast to Dallas, "The idea was to scrap all the bullshit wed been through over the years and start over, somewhere new, with no expectations. We just wanted to hide away and write the best songs we could." The newly formed, unnamed project relocated to Dallas, TX in 2009, where the band lived in a small rundown house in the suburbs. They made the garage their rehearsal space and turned the living room into a recording studio. "Anytime you record in a space thats not acoustically treated, you pick up a lot of "room sound." Thats sort of where the name came from. To us, its important to maintain an organic vibe, for better or worse, to sound like a real live rock -n- roll band," Michael adds. The band spent the next two years living together in rehearsal spaces, writing and demoing material, all the while performing constantly, forging a name for themselves as a must-see live act. Off the strength of their self-recorded demo of "Young & Reckless," the band received local radio airplay, made national music blogs favorites lists, and garnered numerous positive reviews for their live performances. The summer of 2011 was spent recording much of their album live in a cabin-turned-studio just outside of Dallas. The result is a raw and infectious eleven song debut LP that has been well received by fans and critics alike. Since its release the band has been nominated for the Dallas Observer Best Rock category as well as appeared on Lit Monthlys cover for best band of 2012. Their lead single "Couldnt Break My Spirit" has been in rotation on 91.7 KXT and The Edge 102.1.

Sam Holt Band

Born in Nashville, TN, Holt spent his youth surrounded by southern rock. The first bands Sam remembers liking were The Charlie Daniels Band and Elvis Presley. Once his mom brought home KISS Alive II, he knew music would be a major part of his life. Graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in recording engineering Sam went to work at Soundcheck in Nashville. In 2000, Holt became the guitar tech for Michael Houser of the wildly popular Athens,GA band Widespread Panic. Houser was impressed with Sams skills and told him should be playing his own music. Sadly, Houser passed away in August of 2002 after a courageous struggle with pancreatic cancer. Sam continued to tech for Widespread Panic, and made frequent onstage appearances playing lead guitar on the Summer 2006 tour. These shows were highly valued by Panics die-hard fan base. Armed with that experience and Mikes encouraging words, Sam started the Atlanta, GA based band Outformation with Lee Schwartz on drums and Grady Upchurch on bass. Outformation toured for five years and recorded three albums: Tennessee Before Daylight (2005), Travelers Rest (2007) and Fastburn (2009). In 2010, the members of Outformation went their separate ways. Holt moved to Colorado and became a part of the vibrant Colorado music scene forming The Sam Holt Band. Michael “Spanky” McCluer on bass, Adam Stern on pedal steel and guitar, and Andy Clapp on drums are adding fresh colors and textures to Holts catalog of material. Sam notes, “Im so lucky to have hooked up with these guys. They are such burning players, and I totally trust them in any situation.” Gaining momentum quickly, the Sam Holt Band has gathered a loyal following playing throughout Colorado. On the horizon in 2013 are an album and national tour. “Weve got a lot of new material. Going in the studio to capture it is something Im really excited about,” adds the down to earth Southerner.

Keegan McInroe

Keegan McInroe is a Texas based singer-songwriter, whose music is best described simply as Americana, as it is the American music tradition that he largely pulls from in his creating. Blending threads from old country, old blues, gospel, and rock & roll, Keegan weaves together an original tapestry of American roots music, earthy and lyric driven. From the Wall & In the City, his sophomore solo effort, was released in May 2010. It earned three nominations in the 2010 Fort Worth Music Awards: Americana/Roots Rock Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Album of the Year. In the summer of 2009, The Fort Worth Weekly nominated Keegan's debut solo album, Mozelle, Album of the Year and Keegan Folk/Acoustic Artist of the Year. Mozelle was released in March 2009. In 2003, Keegan McInroe participated in founding rock & roll outfit, Catfish Whiskey (2003-2009), in Fort Worth, TX. Catfish Whiskey played extensively in Texas and Louisiana, as well as a good chunk of the American West. As a solo artist, McInroe has performed in London. McInroe has performed opening duties for Leon Russell, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Ian Moore, Eric McFadden, Otis Taylor, Randall Bramblett, and The Band of Heathens. He currently resides in Levelland, TX.

Scott Dean McCurry

Scott Dean McCurry is a Dallas singer-songwriter who has been paving his own path on the Texas Music Scene for nearly a decade. Influenced by a vast range of styles; Scott has continually pushed the envelope with his personal spin on contemporary rock n roll. In 2013, Scott decided to transform his “fist-pumping sunshine rock” into a unique version of Texas Country, exchanging funky-rhythms and synthesizers for pedal-steel and fiddle. Although he has embarked on a new genre, two things still remain consistent; “his catchy upbeat melodies that get stuck in your head”, and his “raucous, energy-filled live performances”. In the process, he opted to drop “McCurry”, as to not be confused with a recent American Idol winner with a strikingly similar name. Just recently, Scott put the finishing touches on his new EP, “Re-Shuffle”. Although it is his 5th studio album, it is his first Country release. The tunes are full of carefree energy that will make any youthful spirit want to crack open a cold-beer and start singing along. It was his intent to make each tune on the record uplifting and fun. “Country tends to have the ability to make people either really happy or really sad, I wanted people to hear this music and wish they were out on a Saturday Night. Each song started as a rough idea written on a bar napkin with a couple of buddies, so I wanted that same essence to be captured in the studio…” Although Scott has primarily spent the majority of his career in a different music realm, he constantly found himself playing within the Texas Country Scene. Gigging festivals and clubs with Texas Country legends like Robert Earl Keen and the Old 97s, and current acts like Kevin Fowler and Josh Abbott. Channeling his love for old school country, like The Flying Burrito Brothers and Jerry Jeff Walker, Scott decided to go all in this year, and re-shuffle his music career; hence the album name. “Making this kind of music is something Ive wanted to do for years. Living in Texas my entire life, I have always been exposed to it, and always had such an admiration for classic country and its ability to vividly bring stories to life.”